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Admin: Naturism is growing in popularity around the UK but in Essex it seems to move at a snails pace. Please post here any ideas that you have that you think will help promote the cause of naturism as a more popular lifestyle. Jul 16, 2014 13:26:25 GMT
paulbarge1: we have a houseboat near this nude beach and will put a better way on from footpath at the end of sea wall next year. Oct 7, 2014 20:58:14 GMT
ukduo2004: Hi all, nice to find this group. Ok, I'll hold my hands up, technically we're not in Essex, but about 800 yards this side of the Hertfordshire notice board. Jan 24, 2015 16:51:28 GMT
jayce1234: Hi Paul .... Sounds an interesting arrangement. What is the state of the beach these days ? Last time I visited 2013 it resembled an abandoned film set from Saving Private Ryan or the Longest Day with rubble all over the place......most up inviting . May 18, 2015 6:58:13 GMT
jayce1234: Any meet and greet please count me in by the way ......... May 18, 2015 6:58:52 GMT
russalex: Hiya everyone,im Russ a naturist in Romford and im looking for naturist friends,also people who go to naturist placesmi don't drive so if anyone was going somewhere and would take me in their transportation that would be great,i would pay the entire petrol Jun 25, 2015 2:38:49 GMT *
russalex: to continue my message I would insist on paying the entire petrol and im a nice guy,no trouble maker,i know im sounding desperate ha ha but if you don't ask you don't get,im 41 years old,thanks for reading,Russ Jun 25, 2015 2:41:57 GMT
nudeandhappy: I have been using the beach at Walton-on-the-Naze recently. Once you get away from the main beach near the tower there are few people around. I usually walk to the southern end of the sea wall then strip off and can usually walk right up to the far end.... Sept 11, 2015 19:14:36 GMT
nudeandhappy: ...but yesterday and today it was quite windy but I managed to find a secluded spot on the cliffs, at the edge of the woods where I spent several hours reading, relaxing and sunbathing, completely naked. Sept 11, 2015 19:16:44 GMT
nudeandhappy: Went to St. Osyth yesterday - 1st time in about 20 years! Weather was perfect but, at 10am and the holiday season over, there were very few people around such that I was able to walk nude from the car to the beach and back again!! Fantastic. Sept 26, 2015 10:39:29 GMT
steve34: Hi All looking to meet up with other nudist to hang out with kinda new, would now really like to have a group of friends who i can hang out with, shame we can't have a house party or something? steve Oct 18, 2015 18:51:14 GMT
frintonguy: Sounds like a good idea to me, what part of Essex are you located? Nov 3, 2015 14:49:49 GMT
juliephil: As an ex semi-pro photographer, I'm available to take those awkward to get naturist photos of members here and their friends. There is no fee, it gives me a couple of hours relief from being my wife's 24/7 carer. Please get in touch if you are interested. Mar 18, 2016 16:32:12 GMT
massageman: Hope this is allowed - if not please delete. Wanted to introduce myself and my partner - we are both naturists, life models and qualified massage therapists. We are more than happy to provide undraped massages for other genuine naturists. pm for details. May 12, 2016 13:40:45 GMT
jayce1234: Does anyone have a July 2016 perspective on Bradwell beach and whether it is still sympathetic towards naturist relaxation ..... If you have any info perhaps you might e mail to me ...... Many thanks...... Jc Jul 6, 2016 10:43:43 GMT
nudeandhappy: I have started going to Walton on the Naze beach - it is very quiet as you go towards The Naze end of the beach such that I can walk naked for an hour or so and sunbathe naked at any point along the beach. Jul 21, 2016 21:44:25 GMT
nudeandhappy: Had another nice day at Walton on the Naze - walked to the southern end of the sea wall, removed my trunks and then walked nude for about 40 minutes to the very end where I relaxed, read and sunbathed watching the yachts come and go. Aug 9, 2016 18:57:17 GMT
nudeandhappy: Change of venue today - went to St. Osyth. Mainly men but some ladies which was refreshing. Fantastic weather - managed a dip in the sea! Aug 17, 2016 16:03:18 GMT
nudeandhappy: Guess this site is dead :-( Oct 3, 2016 11:35:29 GMT